Children’s Vision Month,NLAO

Children’s Vision

October is Children’s Vision Month, which optometric associations across Canada dedicate to raising awareness of the impact undiagnosed vision problems can have on a child’s learning and development.

So much of classroom learning is visual. Students not seeing well, are not performing to their full potential.

Untreated vision problems can lead to:

  • learning at a slower rate than other children
  • frustration with learning
  • negative self-image
  • behaviour and discipline problems
  • possible need for special education and related services
  • higher risk for school drop out
  • lifelong disadvantages and underachievement

A comprehensive eye exam will ensure your child’s vision health

A vision screening test is not the same as a comprehensive eye exam. While vision screening tests the ability to see clearly at a distance, a comprehensive eye exam looks at all aspects of a child’s vision function, including how well the eyes focus up close, how the eyes work together and the overall health of the eyes. Even if your child has 20/20 vision, they still need to have an eye exam.

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